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Please click on Login menu in order to submit your article.


Please login to your dashboard via your username and password.


If you forget your password please click on Forget your password?  to change your password:



If it’s your first time, you must sign up and create your own username and password then you can submit your article from your dashboard.

Please fill all stared parts and then click on sign up button:

Email: Please put a Valid E-mail address.

Username: Choose your favorite username. (It’s better to choose your email address)

Password: Enter your password

Confirm Password: Enter your password again

Roles: Please select authors as Roles section in order to have new submission menu in your dashboard. You can have more than one roles in this part.


Online submission Process:

Please use Google chrome or Fire Fox as your internet browser.

Please select new submission menu in your dashboard in order to start your Online submission Process:


Before step one, you must prepare your manuscript files:

Cover letter: Please prepare your cover letter based on sample with all authors signature and write your manuscript based on the "guide for authors" link.

If you have any figures, prepare each one of them in a separate file according to "characteristics" link.


Step 1:

Manuscript title


Note: It’s necessary to select two or more field of research.

Step 2:

Manuscript abstract

Step 3:

Article authors


Of note: Only the corresponding author must submit the manuscript

Click on Add button to Add new author.

Click on Next button after adding all authors.

You can edit authors by clicking on or delete by .

Note: You can select more than one field for Degree by holding down the Ctrl button and selecting each one.

Note: Do not forget to select corresponding author Role.


Step 4:

Attach Files

Of note: The size of each file must not be more than 5Mb.

Cover letter: Please prepare your cover letter based on sample with all authors signature.


Word File:

Please attach your manuscript word file.

PDF File:

Please attach your manuscript PDF file.

Figures and Tables:

Please choose your image or table file and click on upload button. At the end click on save and next step button.

Step 5:

Suggested reviewers


Step 6:

Comment to the Editor

Step 7:

Final Step

Note: If you click the submit button, you are not allowed to edit anymore.

The Manuscript Revision:

After receiving your revision, edit your article after revise by clicking on button.You must attach all files separately again and click on submit button to finish the process.