Past Issue

Volume 10, Number 2, Jul-Sep 2016, Pages: 261-263

An Introduction to The Royan Human Ovarian Tissue Bank

Naeimeh Sadat Abtahi, M.Sc, 1, Bita Ebrahimi, Ph.D, 1, Rouhollah Fathi, Ph.D, 1, Sepideh Khodaverdi, M.D, 2, Abolfazl Mehdizadeh Kashi, M.D, 2, Mojtaba Rezazadeh Valojerdi, Ph.D, 1, 3, *,
Department of Embryology, Reproductive Biomedicine Research Center, Royan Institute for Reproductive Biomedicine, ACECR, Tehran, Iran
Endometriosis Research Center, Iran University of Medical Science, Tehran, Iran
Department of Anatomy, Faculty of Medical Sciences, Tarbiat Modares University, Tehran, Iran
*Corresponding Address: P.O.Box: 16635-148 Department of Embryology Reproductive Biomedicine Research Center Royan Institute for Reproductive Biomedicine ACECR Tehran Iran


From December 2000 until 2010, the researchers at Royan Institute conducted a wide range of investigations on ovarian tissue cryopreservation with the intent to provide fertility pres- ervation to cancer patients that were considered to be candidates for these services. In 2010, Royan Institute established the Royan Human Ovarian Tissue Bank as a subgroup of the Embryology Department. Since its inception, approximately 180 patients between the ages of 747 years have undergone consultations. Ovarian samples were cryopreserved from 47 patients (age: 7-35 years) diagnosed with cervical adenocarcinoma (n=9); breast carcinoma (n=7), Ewing’s sarcoma (n=7), opposite side ovarian tumor (n=7), endometrial adenocarci- noma (n=4), malignant colon tumors (n=3), as well as Hodgkin’s lymphoma, major thalas- semia and acute lymphoblastic leukemia (n=1-2 patients for each disease). Additionally, two patients requested ovarian tissue transplantation after completion of their treatments.