Past Issue

Volume 9, Supplement 1, Summer 2015 (Presented at 16th Congress on Reproductive Biomedicine and 10th Royan Nursing and Midwifery Seminar) Pages: 120-121

Pnm-33: Role of Maternal Age in Outcomes of Pregnancy

Today, many of women postpone their birth of the first baby until fourth or fifth decade. This study was to evaluate the pregnancy outcomes in women aged 40 years and older in pregnant women referred to Ayatolah Rohani Hospital in Babol.
Materials and methods
This case-control study was conducted of 160 patients in two groups, ≥ 40 age group and age group<40 in pregnant women referred to Ayatolah Rohani Hospital in Babol from of 2009 to 2013. Demographic data and maternal and neonatal outcomes were collected from recorded file of patients then analyzed by SPSS.
Mean of patient’s age in the group of women 40 years and older was (42.35 ± 2.078) and in women less than 40 years was (26.68 ± 4.677). Pregnancy outcomes in pregnant women 40 years and older and under 40 years showed respectively that gestational hypertension 38 (23.8%) versus 22 (13.8%) (P=0.022), GDM 47 (29.4%) versus 17 (10.6%) (P=0.000) and polyhydramnios 9 (5.6%) versus 1 (0.6%) (P=0.01), had significant statistical difference. We had 7 IUFD cases (4.375%) in women 40 years and older, while there was no IUFD in women under 40 years (P=0.01). The APGAR of 1 minutes between two group had significant difference (P=0.043) but in another neonatal outcomes in two groups did not have any difference. The most of cause in of caesarean section after repeat caesarean 66 (41.2%) (P=0.035) in women 40 years and older was, high risk pregnancy 19(11.9%) (P=0.0001), pre-eclampcia 6 (3.8%) (P=0.23), oligohydramnios 5 (3.1%) (P=0.21) and fetal distress (P=0.04), twin pregnancy (P=0.03) and no response to induction (P=0.001) were most of cause of caesarean.
This study showed that pregnancy complications such as gestational diabetes and pregnancy induced hypertension and polyhydramnios are greater in women 40 years and older. Then old age of mother requires more prenatal care.