Past Issue

Volume 9, Supplement 1, Summer 2015 (Presented at 16th Congress on Reproductive Biomedicine and 10th Royan Nursing and Midwifery Seminar) Pages: 77-77

P-80: The Effects of Rosa Damascene Aqueous Extract on Reproductive System of Female Mice Following Formaldehyde Treatment

Formaldehyde is a chemical precursor, flammable and colorless which is widely used in different industries. Previous studies, have reported that Formaldehyde has destructive effects on reproductive system of female mice. In the present study we aimed at evaluating the protective effects of Rosa damascene on the toxic effects of Formaldehyde on sex hormones, ovary parameters and folliculogenesis.
Materials and methods
Forty-two healthy NMRI female mice were randomly divided into six groups (n = 7). Group I was control which received distilled water, group II received oral administration 40 mg/kg extract, group III received 5 mg/ kg diluted formaldehyde through IP route and groups IV, V and VI received oral administration of 10, 20 and 40 mg/kg extract as treatment groups also 5 mg/kg formaldehyde. The trial was continued for 40 days.
The result showed that formaldehyde could lead to significant adverse effects on weight, volume, diameter of ovaries and number of different follicles and corpus luteum of ovaries compared to group I (P<0.001) as well as decreased serum level of estrogen and progesterone compared to group I (P<0.001). In groups IV, V and VI it were determined that the produced damages, caused by formaldehyde, were improved after extract administration compared to group III (P<0.01).
It is concluded that serious damages are occurred via formaldehyde injection in female reproductive system and the aqueous extract of Rosa damascene provides protective effects against these damages.