Past Issue

Volume 9, Supplement 1, Summer 2015 (Presented at 16th Congress on Reproductive Biomedicine and 10th Royan Nursing and Midwifery Seminar) Pages: 72-72

P-70: The Use of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy to Reduce Social Stress in Infertile Women

Infertility Stressors Included Changes in social and family system in couples changes in the stability and quality of their interpersonal relationships and a decrease in marital satisfaction in sexual relationship that the patients with are the major problem is infertility patients compared to patients with cancer of equal levels of depression and anxiety and suffer less marital satisfaction. on the other hand use of psychotherapy based on Acceptance and commitment is effective for infertility treatment and Leads to to reduce social stress in infertile women.
Materials and methods
Of 110 married women due to infertility Referred to counseling and infertility center in the city of Babol over the few years (93-91) is past 1 year to 6 years of their fertility and between 23 to 45 years of age, level of education was high school to Ph.D. A sample size of 30 individuals selected by sampling and random sampling in two groups of 15 people. A control group and a test group with treatment with medication and acceptance and commitment (ACT) were selected and pre-test and post-test questionnaires, self-concept (Williams and Snell) and fertility problems questionnaires was performed. The course of treatment is 12 sessions 1.5 hour once a week with the approach of ACT was performed.
The use of acceptance and commitment therapy leads to reduce 38.2 percent the social stress of infertility of infertile women and 23.8 percent increase compared to the control group is sexual self.
Given that the stress of infertility include comprehensive stress, social stress, sexual stress, relationship stress, and stress of the need for child and social stress Infertility is the most common cause of stress which couples have experianced Significant changes in the family and society . Although there would be the lack of studies to determine the effectiveness of these interventions but this kind of psychotherapy interventions can take valuable new steps in the treatment of infertility.