Past Issue

Volume 9, Supplement 1, Summer 2015 (Presented at 16th Congress on Reproductive Biomedicine and 10th Royan Nursing and Midwifery Seminar) Pages: 63-64

P-48: Evaluation of The Effectiveness of Zinc and Alpha-Tocopherol on Total Sperm Count, Apoptosis, DNA Damage, DNA Breakage and Viability of Sperms Under Cell Phone Radiation and Comparison Between These Protocols

There has been a growing claim about the stress induced by the modern life and especially by cell phones. It may have detrimental effect on sperms. We examined the relationship of stress caused by cell phone radiation and the effect of Zinc and Alpha-tocopherol on the sperms and its chromatin in this condition.
Materials and methods
Fresh semen has been collected from 20 young men. Each sample was divided into 5 aliquots including: control, exposed, expose + 15μm Zinc, expose + 5 μM alpha-tocopherol, and expose + 15μ M Zinc + 5 μM alpha-tocopherol group. Samples were irradiated by cell phone for 20 minutes. After radiation, total count estimation was done in the first step. For detecting Apoptosis, TUNEL protocol has been used. DNA breakage test was done by Halo Sperm kit and DNA damage was detected by Acridine Orange staining protocol. Viability test was conducted using Trypan Blue staining. Data were analyzed by one way ANOVA using SPSS 19 software.
Our results have indicated that exposed group showed a significant increase in Apoptosis (90.5 ± 44.26 vs. 42.4 ± 06.13), DNA damage (33.22 ± 6.81 vs. 29.78 ± 2.18) and DNA breakage (17.78 ± 3.49 vs. 13.11 ± 6.30) compare to the control group. Total count and Viability (68.51 ± 5.18 vs. 85.46) were decreased in this group. Adding antioxidants in semen during cell phone exposure showed protection effect compare to the control and the exposure induced group (P<0.05).
The addition of Zinc and Alpha-tocopherol in semen could be useful to human sperms in stress conditions.