Past Issue

Volume 9, Supplement 1, Summer 2015 (Presented at 16th Congress on Reproductive Biomedicine and 10th Royan Nursing and Midwifery Seminar) Pages: 49-49

P-14: Effects of Gamma–Ray and Silver Nano Particles on Treatment of Human Prostate Cancer Cell line DU145

Prostate cancer is the second most common cancers in the world which causing harms and waste cost. Furthermore more prostate treatments are in effective and lead to male infertility. Purpose of this study was to evaluate the role gamma radiation with silver nano particles in treatment of human prostate cancer cell line in vitro.
Materials and methods
Human prostate cancer cell line DU145 was purchased from Pasture institute. The cells were incubated with DMEM medium and 15% FBS serum over a period of 3-5 days. Cells was put on 96 well plates and divided into experimental and control groups. The first experimental with treatment doses of 2, 6, 10 Gray (Gy) Gamma ray and the second experimental group simultaneous treatment of Gamma ray and 53 μg/ml silver nano particles. All groups were stained with trypan blue as well as by MTT assay and by ELISA reader was studied
The results showed that using of Gamma ray and silver nano particles caused a significant decreased in the number of cells in experimental groups compare to control cells. Survival rates of cells with Anova test was significant in experimental group of 6 Gy Gamma-ray with naono silver treatment to other experimental and control groups
Gamma radiation with silver nano particles treatment of DU145 cell line leads to a process of effects of secondary electrons (Auger electron) which induce DNA damage strands and cell death. These findings may suggest as a new strategy for treatment of male reproductive cancers