Past Issue

Volume 9, Supplement 1, Summer 2015 (Presented at 16th Congress on Reproductive Biomedicine and 10th Royan Nursing and Midwifery Seminar) Pages: 48-49

P-13: The Expression of SOX3 Gene in Human Sertoli Cells of Azoospermic Patient

Sertoli cells located in seminiferous tubular basement membrane and surrounds different types of germ cell and they were only somatic cell type that directly contacts germ cells. These cells have Several role like support activities, nutrition of germ cells.During spermatogenesis, expression of SOX3 is necessary for differentiation of spermatogonia A. SOX3 is a transcription factor, expressed in sertoli cells and cause their differentiation. The purpose of this study was to separation and purification of sertoli cells from human testis and to investigate the expression of SOX3 gene in sertoli cells of azoospermic patients
Materials and methods
Biopsies were obtained from 10 men who referred to Royan Institute and underwent testicular sperm extraction (TESE). Tissue samples were transferred to lectin coated petri dishes after enzymatic dissociation and isolation. After few passages, all the cells were harvested and the cell type was confirmed by immunocytochemistry. SOX3 gene expression level was determined by Real time RT-PCR.
Isolation, purification and culture of the human sertoli cells were performed successfully. It was shown that SOX3 gene are expressed in these cells and there is a significant difference in the expression of SOX3 in sertoli cells derived from tissues with successful sperm extraction (TESE+) compared to samples without sperm (TESE-).
The higher expression of SOX3 gene in (TESE) than that of (TESE+), indicates negative effect of SOX3 gene over expression in spermatogenesis